Suzanne C. Perry, MSc


Suzanne C Perry is a 28-year veteran of mass spectrometry and protein chemistry technology and has provided analyses and meaningful data to clients in both university & corporate scientific laboratories.  She most recently was Research Scientist and Manager of the Mass Spectrometry Core Facility at the University of British Columbia where she developed and managed the facility she created in 2002. During her 23 year tenure, which initiated in 1991 working under Dr. Michael Smith (Noble Prize Chemistry 1993), Director of the Biotechnology Department, she provided thousands of analyses for hundreds of university, non-profit and corporate research clients globally, which guided her clients in solving or progressing towards their research goals.  Concurrently, Ms. Perry’s biotechnology consultancy (sole proprietorship since 1998) has deepened her expertise in guiding clients to achieve their scientific goals in the realm of corporate science. Ms. Perry completed her graduate degree using GC/MS in Biochemistry at Rutgers University, and has advanced technical knowledge & experience in GC, GC/MS, LC-MS/MS, uHPLC, peptide synthesis and related technologies.

*Ms Perry hold dual US and Canadian Citizenship and is able to travel freely

Ms. Perry is based in Vancouver BC Canada can be reached directly at or 778. 881.9765.