Salient Analytical Services provides legal professionals with expert analysis on current biological testing methods for drugs and alcohol. Our scientific perspective produces unique insights into the intricacies in the forensic toxicological testing for drugs and alcohol in the state of California and the Province of British Columbia.

Our Mission

Salient Analytical Services Canada is a company devoted to good science and thorough analyses.  Our mission is to bridge the scientific and legal communities to ensure that scientifically-sound opinions of the analytical results from forensic toxicology laboratories are provided in simple language which can be relied on for decision making in the courtroom.

What We Have Achieved

  • Certified expert witness testimony in the following Superior Courts of California: Sacramento, Marin, Riverside, Los Angeles, Santa Barbara, and Siskiyou counties.
  • Multiple expert opinion reports written for criminal cases both in California USA & British Columbia Canada.
  • Provided Expert Witness Testimony in courts in US and Canada for:
    • testing methods and outcomes of opiates, benzodiazipines and amphetamines.
    • calibration of preliminary alcohol screening (PAS) devices
    • blood alcohol analysis
    • drugs of abuse in urine
  • Provided written opinion for the review of  an IRP in BC Canada that resulted in revocation