Salient Analytical Services experts have a combined history of more than 30 years’ experience in MS technology, sample preparation, experimental design and laboratory experience in accredited laboratories. Let them review your case data and tell you how valid and reliable the test results are. Our hands-on experience in all aspects of sample testing spans six different major manufacturers of GC and MS equipment and more.

We specialize in:

 •  Critical analysis of chain of command and processing for assessment of competency in sample handling.

 •  Timeline reconstruction of batch sample processing and cross referencing with actual chromatograms.

 •  Alcohol and drug qualitative and quantification methods  for  GC, GC/MS, LC/MS-MS, SIM, MRM-mode MS analyses and immunoassays.

 •  provides current scientific high impact peer- reviewed references to support our opinions 

•  Proper calibration, maintenance and use of analytical instrumentation as per ISO 17025, ASCLD and Title 17 accreditation.

 •  Thorough understanding and experience evaluating clinically-relevant data (chromatograms, calibration curves, limits of detection, internal standards and related quantification variables)  that affect the precision and accuracy of the results.

Let us review your forensic data in detail, validate timelines to spectra, explain the results and tell you what the outcomes mean to your client. We provide carefully reviewed, unbiased reports on the testing accuracy, precision and stringency for your forensic toxicological outcomes in simple language you can rely on for decision making in the courtroom.